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Case Study Rodents

Large Office Building

Pesttrain were called in to help troubleshoot a chronic mouse infestation in a large and complex 8 storey Head Quarters.

Working alongside the contractor, our task was to carry out a detailed pest risk assessment; establish the full extent of the mice; assess the efficacy of the control options being used on site; determine the root cause of the problems and plan a site-specific strategy for gaining long term control.

Using a wide range of monitoring techniques, including cameras and ultra violet tracking products- along with sand traps (to help measure the population), we were able to plot and map the worst of the areas. Video footage also confirmed widespread avoidance of a number of the control options currently deployed.

Case Study Bed Bugs

National Hotel Chain

An inspection was carried out at a hotel with a localised bed bug problem following concerns over the advice and treatment provided by one of the largest UK pest management service companies after they carried out works against bed bugs at a leading national hotel chain.

Pesttrain auditors attended site with a remit to investigate the level and scope of the infestation; review the treatments and advice provided and, where applicable, provide alternate recommendations in line with best practice.

We found that the contractor had quoted over the phone without the benefit of a detailed survey and simply relied on insecticide sprays. These were sprayed liberally, causing significant Health and Safety risks to staff and guests and additional cleaning costs.

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