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Our Services

We offer customers a range of support services, including:


For persistent or problematic infestations, we carry out in-depth site inspections using the latest technology to collect evidence, either physically or electronically to help identify the potential root cause and collate information to help resolve the activity.

We either work alongside the current pest providers to help them deliver on work that may be needed or advise directly to end user and third-party contractors, as their competent persons.

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Independent Audits

Our team of Chartered Biologists can carry out detailed Independent audits either on behalf of pest control service companies, or direct for sites which contract the service or carry it out in-house.

We have extensive experience in a wide variety of building types and operational processes and primarily help as part of third party compliance (such as BRC, Red Tractor, AIB etc.). As well unparalleled industry experience, all Pesttrain auditors are members of the Royal Society of Biology.

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Procurement and Tender Advice

Predominately working with site buyers or purchasing teams, PestTrain can assist in identifying suitable and sufficient specifications which deliver against the needs of their sites, sustainable service delivery and best value.

Provide benefit and cost analysis for ad-hoc 'job' work, such as bird proofing or mouse control. Ensuring the right outcome and price for the job at hand.

Specifications for routine pest management and emergency response. As we are from the pest industry, we have first hand experience as to the best use of contractors.

Skills analysis of contractors to ensure competence, due diligence and safe practice. Members of our team are also L4 EQA certificated and can ensure that it 'does what it says on their website'.

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Training & skills development (CPD)

PestTrain are RSPH and CIEH trainers as well as being a registered examination centre - we also provide training, qualifications and CPD for in-house pest control teams.

For pest management professionals we can deliver the full RSPH Level 2 qualification, as well as pest specific competency courses. In association with Skills Passport, we run pest awareness and in-house control courses for staff from catering through to maintenance.

For greater understanding of pest management services, we offer a range of support courses including pest awareness in the food industry and bed bug awareness.

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Expert Witness

Things can occasionally go wrong or a difference of opinion can interrupt the provision of smooth services, we can support companies with independent 'best practice' analysis of the situation.

Acting as an impartial party, we review the situation that has arisen and identify the facts available, utilising our many years of industry and industry specific skills to assist in providing a diligent way forward.

Opinions are provided in either written reports or arbitration meetings, or if necessary court / tribunals.

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Our Services

We offer customers a range of support services, including:

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