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PestTrain provide support and assistance across all pest types and industry sectors where there is a need to practice and demonstrate due diligence in the prevention and management of public-health pests. We help and assist those who either need to eradicate and manage pest infestation OR those who apply control options to eliminate and manage pest activity. 

Pesttrain.co.uk is steered by a panel of industry based associates. 

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a simple concept, but often difficult to implement. Based on the principles of the IPM Triangle below, pests are attracted to a location based on the opportunity available, i.e food or shelter.

How pests are monitored is a key component towards early identification, the earlier they are found the easier they can be to control.

Controlling pests is not about the use of pesticides. In practice pests have either adapted their bodies to become resistant to chemicals, i.e rats, or avoid surfaces that have been sprayed, i.e Bed Bugs. Non-lethal; non-chemical, is the primary route to long-term success for a pest free environment.  Not the easiest of options or necessarily the cheapest but certainly the best.

Our Team

Oliver Madge

Oliver has worked in the Pest Industry for over 20 years and in that time has seen a number of technical developments, changes in attitudes and legislation for the use of pesticides and has been involved with many projects to raise the understanding and awareness of the need to control and manage pests.

Oliver became an industry tutor during 2004, becoming a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) as well as NEBOSH qualified, for Health and Safety requirements. He is an RSPH examiner and Lantra Instructor. Understanding how knowledge and skills can be delivered, directly to those people who need to know, at the point-in time they need to know it, continues to be one of Olivers ambitions.

In 2006 he became Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) and continued his passion for raising the awareness and standards within the Pest Management Industry. Working with service companies, manufacturers, qualification/standards and sectors skills groups, high-profile end users and related national associations.

In addition Oliver was an Executive Board member for CEPA (the European Pest Management Association) and undertook the role of training rapporteur for Europe. Oliver was part of the team that delivered the Roma Protocol, the start of a pan-European drive to deliver unified standards for the management of pests and Oliver continues to sit on the UK mirror group of the new European standard CEN TC 404.

Oliver is also one of the professional advisor for many media sources, including Watchdog, Rogue Traders; Radio 4; The One Show; Countryfile and national newspapers.

Adrian Meyer

Adrian Meyer

Adrian graduated with a Master of Science degree in ecology and population dynamics from Durham University. He joined the London Pests Unit (Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food) in the mid '70s as a vertebrate pest specialist advising Local Authorities in Greater London, and running the pest control operations in Crown Properties. Adrian gained an extensive practical knowledge of the problems of applying pest control strategies. 

Subsequent postings in ADAS as a Field Advisor to the south-west and south-east of England expanded this experience. In MAFF's Central Science Laboratory Adrian extended his pest control experience into the food industry, as a specialist consultant, through managing the Food Protection Association, and in developing the Modular Pest Control programme.

Adrian is responsible for a number of key Industry publications and is the joint author of the British Pest Control Associations Pest Management Manual and the HCA guide to rodent control in horticulture. He has worked extensively overseas, undertaking vertebrate consultancies for a range of commercial and governmental organisations.

Adrian left the Central Science Laboratory in 1994 and set up the pest control consultancy Acheta. He has been working as an independent pest control consultant since this time.

Chris Parmiter

 Chris Parmiter Profile Image

Chris Parmiter, PestTrain

Chris studied Zoology at Cardiff University and after graduation took up a research post at the nearby National Museum of Wales working on a number of Ecology projects- eventually culminating in the publication of a paper on Biodiversity.

It was at University that he had his first experience of commercial pest control with a residential post studying Insect pests with the Forestry Commission at their Alice Holt research centre in Surrey, but it wasn’t until a few years later that a chance sighting for pest control surveyors cemented his new vocation in public health pest management.

After success as a Technical Consultant, Chris quickly moved on to the position of Branch Manager, and latterly Regional Manager, for one of the leading national servicing companies.

Following on from 8 successful years in the servicing side of the Industry- Chris spent nearly a decade in the post of Divisional Director - running Barrettine Environmental Health, one of Europe's leading Manufacturers and Distributors of pest control products into both the public health and agricultural sectors.

 As well as his experience of the Product and Distribution market, Chris is a highly experienced Field Biologist and regularly conducts Inspections into Food and other high risk commercial sites.Audits can be carried out to conform to external audit bodies (such as BRC, AIB etc) or to act as an Independent assessment as to the current pest provision.

Chris is a member of the Society of Biology and is a Chartered Biologist.


As the primary organisation to offer independent support to all those who may be affected by pest infestations. Pesttrain works in association with other industry groups and representatives to provide the very best, most informed and up to date information and best practise around the protection of public health.

If you would like to become involved with PestTrain,  please click and here and send us an email.

Associates in alphabetical order:

BASF Enabling the most effective solutions to your pest problems.

Launched in 2009, our completely new business brings together the well-respected technical resources, products and skills of BASF and Sorex.

We provide the strongest portfolio of research-based pest control products, systems and support to help Pest Controllers & Farm Businesses solve their rodent, insect, bacterial & viral pest problems as cost-effectively as possible.

True to our name, the entire focus of BASF Pest Control Solutions team will be on enabling its many and varied users to achieve the most effective solutions to their particular pest problems.

Our unparalleled understanding of pest behaviour as well as biology ensures our products and systems provide the fastest and most complete pest control with the greatest reliability under the widest range of conditions and, most importantly, the least time and hassle.


The Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use (CRRU) “Think Wildlife” promotes best practice and responsible rodent control, thereby protecting wildlife from rodenticide exposure.

Government agencies (Health and Safety Executive HSE) responsible for the regulation of rodenticides have raised concern that many species of wildlife, such as barn owls, kestrels and red kites, are being accidentally exposed to these products.

These agencies have called for better stewardship of rodenticides to prevent wildlife exposure. 


Victor Rodent Control

Victor® is recognised as a world leader in the rodent control category and has been a trusted brand name since 1890.

Victor® revolutionised the rodent control market 100 years ago with the invention of the spring-based Victor® Mouse Trap. Today, VictorPest continuously strives to manufacture innovative, quality products that keep properties safe from the dangers rodents pose.

So, whether you are attempting to prevent a rodent infestation or trying to fight one, there is a product to fit each and every situation. 

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