Adrian Meyer

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Adrian Meyer

Adrian graduated with a Master of Science degree in ecology and population dynamics from Durham University. He joined the London Pests Unit (Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food) in the mid '70s as a vertebrate pest specialist advising Local Authorities in Greater London, and running the pest control operations in Crown Properties. Adrian gained an extensive practical knowledge of the problems of applying pest control strategies. 

Subsequent postings in ADAS as a Field Advisor to the south-west and south-east of England expanded this experience. In MAFF's Central Science Laboratory Adrian extended his pest control experience into the food industry, as a specialist consultant, through managing the Food Protection Association, and in developing the Modular Pest Control programme.

Adrian is responsible for a number of key Industry publications and is the joint author of the British Pest Control Associations Pest Management Manual and the HCA guide to rodent control in horticulture. He has worked extensively overseas, undertaking vertebrate consultancies for a range of commercial and governmental organisations.

Adrian left the Central Science Laboratory in 1994 and set up the pest control consultancy Acheta. He has been working as an independent pest control consultant since this time.