About us

Here at PestTrain, we provide support and assistance across all pest types and industry sectors where there is a need to practise and demonstrate due diligence in the prevention and management of public-health pests.  We help and assist those who either need to eradicate and manage pest infestation OR those who apply control options to eliminate and manage pest activity.  Pesttrain.co.uk is steered by a panel of industry based associates. 

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a simple concept, but often difficult to implement.  Based on the principles of the IPM Triangle below, pests are attracted to a location based on the opportunity available, i.e food or shelter.

How pests are monitored is a key component towards early identification, the earlier they are found the easier they can be to control.

Controlling pests is not about the use of pesticides - in practice pests have either adapted their bodies to become resistant to chemicals, i.e rats, or avoid surfaces that have been sprayed, i.e BedBugs.  Non-lethal; non-chemical, is the primary route to long-term sucess for a pest free environment.  Not the easiest of options or necessarily the cheapest - but certainly the best.